Types of Printer Ink

All printers uses different type of inks. Inkjet printers’ uses liquid ink while laser printer uses toner powder this makes them different. The same way all inkjet printers do not have same type of inks some printers use dye based ink and some uses pigment based inks. One should do details analysis of printer ink, its usage and advantages of each type of ink and then decide which one he or she can buy.

From where should we start? Let’s learn about some different kind of printers present in market:

Toner based Laser Printers

Laser printers are designed mostly for use in big commerce offices, because of their speed and price range but now a days most home users also prefer it because of low cost nature and durability of toner. This printer is special especially when there is huge number of black and white text printing is there. Approximately if you see, you can ask your laser printer to print black and white text pages nearly three times faster in compare of inkjet for 70% less price.

Laser printers uses a thing black powder called toner (instead of liquid ink in inkjet printer) which is famed by drum unit over the page by use of heat. One benefit of laser printer is that on standard white paper, laser printer gets a neat and clean printing results, that is because toner isn’t in liquid form like ink and doesn’t get the paper wet at time of printing process. Toner can print clean for small fonts as well and don’t spread across the page. One disadvantage of color laser printer is that they are good to print color fonts of graphs etc and some other medium quality photos but not preferred for high quality color images where the patterning of the toner work towards remarkable banding.

Paper for the Toner:

In most cases later printers don’t compulsorily require different paper while printing documents (normal office papers of A4 size are absolutely ok for most of the laser printer models and applications), you may need to think twice if you want to print labels or photos. All brands make papers specially for using with the laser printer and toner to avoid the major damage to the unit by the long run. To prevent the paper from melting with the heat while printing process, laser compatible paper will have very less or no damage of coating. All laser printer friendly papers are made to sustain again the heat. Use coated paper wisely since melting while printing will do damage to your printer permanently.

Inkjet Printers (uses Ink)

Inkjet printers are mainly popular in home printing because it is compact in size and also lower in costing. They are very good in printing photographs, that’s because of unique quality paper ink. There are two type of inkjet printer ink:

Paper for Dye-based ink:

Dye-based ink: When you print using the dye inks, if you choose a matte paper that would be very helpful in terms of getting good results. These papers are made to fetch the liquid from the dye deeper into the base of the most of the paper. This is the reason of higher ink saturation and denser, dynamic vibrant colors over your photographs. These papers also brings a good cost effective solution in compare of high priced papers and same

way provides good quality results as well, so it good choice at good rate great results. So the summery says us that we can use gloss, semi-gloss or matte coated paper with dye based ink type.

Pigmented ink: This type of ink is designed especially for creating long lasting photos that lasts for years and represent history memories. Pigment ink comes with a wider range of color sets in compare with dye based ink sets. One of the reason is because they are specialized to use with different type of papers. They give more options to professional photographers to implement color depth, sharp look, and different tones by using different inks and paper in combination. Many manufacturers of both paper and toner design with some intentional targeted market for their products. High featured photo printers will normally frame both matte black and a glossy black to achieve great results for each medium.

Paper for Pigment ink:

Most popular paper among the photographers is fine art matte paper, graphics designers also prefer this paper. If you combine pigmented ink and this paper, than the result outcome is a great quality black tones. Researchers for this always recommends that smooth style matte papers look almost same as glossier surfaced photos and we generally connect with photography, but they are including high quality archival qualities. They assort a great listing of different paper brands to try out and make sample of the look.

Some papers are fiber based papers and they create cool and classic photography image and fit nicely with the both color and black & white image effects. Many companies make this kind of categories papers, which they call consistent and high brightness with a gloss finished that is very is good for photography.

Luster and semi-gloss papers are quite in demand among photographers and you can also achieve great results if you use resin coated paper. Semi-gloss can give your pic that traditional darkroom look with a comfort of using the advanced amateur photographers touch. Resin-coated and semi-gloss papers are waterproof in nature and provides nice color and sharpness. Many researchers says they give extremely good results, but it has a little high prices, this resin finish paper is one of the high expensive paper available in the printing paper market.


With all above analysis we can summarize that ink is the key to get best results from your print and depends on some objects. But there are so many options in the market now a days, once you select printer and ink etc that is best for your use. You may get best and suitable paper as well so you will get most out of your printing needs. A little research before buying printer, paper and ink can get you a long way and make your choice beautiful.

At we have wide range of compatible cartridges that will save your cost in such a way you get your prints at minimum possible price and have liberty to do prints without counting the cost as you know it’s going to cost quite reasonable.

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