If you want to buy a new printer and you are not sure which one is the most suitable for your needs, there are several fundamental questions you should ask yourself, the first of them is:

What type of use am I going to give to the printer?

For work, for study, sporadically in case I have to print something someday?… Reflect and analyze this is essential to know how much use you are going to give to your printer.
You should also ask yourself:

  • The price of acquiring the printer
  • The price of consumables

After a lot of research and if you can make a comparison, you will realize that in most cases the more expensive printers use cheaper consumables and with a great performance. But on the contrary, if the machine is cheaper, the consumable is usually more expensive and/or provides less copy yield. Neither option is better than the other depending on how often you are going to use it.

For small users who do not need a large volume of copies, there are cheaper inkjet printers, i.e., they have a lower cost per copy in both color and monochrome than laser printers, which are designed for a higher frequency of printing.

Types of inkjet printers

Fixed head on the machine.

These usually have cartridges with independent colors. This means that cyan, magenta, yellow and black (in the case of some photo printers there would be more cartridges) are sold separately. If you are going to print on a regular and almost daily basis, we advise you to follow this option, since you can change the colors independently (so you can use up each of them before replacing them), plus the cartridges are usually cheaper and with more yield. The main disadvantage of fixed-head cartridges is that you need to print regularly with them to keep the heads wet. In addition, with continuous use, the heads accumulate residues and ink residues and could, over time, print defectively. The best known brands of printers with these characteristics are Epson, Brother and some Canon printers.

Replaceable head each time the cartridge is changed.

These printers use two cartridges: One for the black color and one tricolor, which contains in a single block the three colors (cyan, magenta and yellow). In these printers the ink container is attached to the printhead in one piece. They are generally more expensive and provide fewer copies (especially in the color cartridge because if one of the colors runs out we will have to change the complete set of color, although we still have ink to use in the other two colors) these printers are recommended for users who print occasionally. They also have their advantages: The heads are renewed with each cartridge change, thus resulting in higher quality prints, especially with the passage of time and use of the printer. The printer brands with these characteristics are mostly Hp and some Canon models.

As a final recommendation we leave you with this formula:

Price / Number of copies = Cost per copy.

It will surely help you to make the best decision.

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